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How And WHY The
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Great Service
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Our Waitress
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He Called
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Realtor Gets
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Big Red Nose
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The HOW And WHY Behind
The Big Red Nose Club


Dear friend,

Thank you for visiting BIG RED NOSE territory.

You may well ASK:

What is this RED NOSE site about?

Why is it here?

That's an easy one. The REASON WHY is logical. But the tale twists and turns a bit.

Breathe DEEP and fast for a minute. Just to CLEAR your brain. You'll NEED the extra oxygen! You aren't the first to say our decision making process is STRANGE.


Here we go...

**How & Why The Big Red Nose Website Was Created:**

FIRST - Rob sent me a copy of his new "37 Weird Ways To Make Money" Tape Program. He included some UGLY Green Plastic Bags. Some kind of microscopic holes in the patented Bags. WOW they are UGLY. But I've kept apples, pears, onions, kale, plums, zuchini squash and all kinds of stuff FRESH in the frig for two months. Still fresh and juicy. It's like a miracle.

Which will save me $600 or so a year easy. (Saves on $2 a gallon gas to the store too.)

SECOND - Susan sent me some of the SCREAMING Whistles she sold 6000 of with a Press Release.

THIRD - Susan and I were doing an Audio Biz Card. A bag stuffer for her Whistle Blowing Business. She tells me her senior citizen Press Release and FAQ Report is a SLAM DUNK. Local reporters WANT to help you. Fax 'em to local papers. Boom. Articles appear. Susan ships. You and I make $10 profit per whistle.

I need a place to talk about and sell all this NEW stuff.

FOURTH - My new P.T. Barnum book arrives. I open it in the middle. The crazy smart-as-a-fox NUT found a dead whale outside his hotel. Paid for his entire vacation by showing a dead whale at his

Museum of Natural History as, "The Big THING on ice".

Barnum tells how he bankrupted the competing museum owner across the street. Hired the owner secretly. Then they engaged in a newspaper campaign of yelling at each other. Made Barnum a fortune!

While I'm cudgeling my brain.

How can I open a Museum like that. The answer appears. (Must be those Feng Shui #'s Princess Lana gave us. 138, 168, 528)

Rob tells me about a website owner making $100,000 a year.

No advertising.

All word of mouth referrals. 8000 hits a day or more. So many his site crashes.

What does he SELL?

Wadded up paper in cheap picture frames.

Claims it's HIGH ART.

$9 for a piece of wadded up paper in a frame.

$9 for a Haiku Poem on the inside of wadded up paper (GET IT?) origami - paper folding. Boulder - wadded up paper.

Then - my favorite!

Performance ART. For $5 he'll send you an E-mail describing the origami paper wadding process, the launch and the arc as the wad of paper goes into the trash can.

Go see for yourself. Make sure to visit the 30 some pages of complaint letters too. People fighting each other to write insulting letters. So Mr Boulder can call them DUM DUM in a fake Japanese accent.

FIFTH - So that's our REASON WHY for this site. We figure if this Wadded paper CLOWN can make $100,000...

We can do even better. By applying Andrew Carnegie's billionaires SECRET more effectively than he does.



P.S. - All the details of the Billionaies SECRET are in our new audio program, "What Billionaires Know that Millionaires Don't" at Our By-Referral-Only 1-of-a-kind PROVEN,tested, information website.